Lightning Fast

Our parallel engines and scalable Cloud servers deliver multi-hundred thousand e-mails per hours.  No matter how many customer you have, all of them receive your e-mail in short time.

High Deliverability

SureInbox, as our name speaks, is engineered to maximise INBOX delivery rate.  We know, you don’t want your e-mails going into customer’s spam/junk box.  Our main feature is delivering your e-mails to customer’s inbox.


Our platform is not for amateur.  If you are serious about every penny paying for CRM e-mails, this is the right solution just for you.

List Management

List Management

Build unlimited lists by various methods.  We have prepared pre-built form and HTML code specifically for each list.  You may import e-mail list from CSV file, or even key-in one by one.  For those who use WordPress and WooCommerce, we also have plug-in available for you.  Programmatic list building can be achieved via API as well.

Each individual list can be single opt-in or double opt-in.  Use single opt-in for your customer’s convenience, and our platform will help you manage invalid e-mail addresses.  Use double opt-in if you are serious to customer identification.  Whatever mode you use, you can configure custom Thankyou E-mail, Welcome E-mail and landing page for successful subscription.

Custom fields can be added to each individual list.  You may not want to keep only customer’s name & e-mail, but also birthday, sign-up date, age, country, etc.  All these fields can be merged into campaign e-mail or autoresponders, for better engagement and personalisation.  Field can be used to segment customers into smaller group, so that your message can be totally specific to recipients.

Create E-mail

E-mails can be created very easily with our WYSIWYG editor.  HTML code mode is also provided so you can verify correctness and perform advanced coding.  Images are uploaded to Cloud and served to your customer via CDN at lightning speed when they open your e-mail.